UPDATE: 1/24/17
Brookhaven Town approves dangerous dog crackdown

FARMINGVILLE – The Brookhaven Town Board on Tuesday unanimously approved new rules cracking down on dangerous dogs that officials say will better protect the public.

The board voted in favor of amendments that would mirror state law, under which judges can determine whether a dog is dangerous and should be confined, as well as increase fines for those who do not properly house their dogs.

It would also change the definition of “dangerous dog” to include one that attacks other pets or service animals.

Following Tuesday’s vote, town officials say the changes will immediately go into effect.

Source: News 12 Long Island

Public Hearing Scheduled: January 24, 6PM – Brookhaven Town Hall

We were informed by Jane Bonner’s office that there will be a public hearing to address the town’s proposed revisions to Brookhaven Town Code pertaining to Chapter 23: Dog Control and Animal Welfare. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24 at 6PM at Brookhaven Town Hall. You are welcome to attend if you have interest in this issue, and/or wish to relate your personal experiences regarding a dog attack in Brookhaven Township to a public audience.  

The actual public hearing portion starts at 6PM, but there is a town board meeting preceding the hearing which starts at 5. the signups start around 4:30 to speak at either.

If you would like to speak, I would recommend preparing a statement of about 2 minutes in length.  The time and date of this meeting has been relayed to Sarah Anker’s office and to our 7th Precinct community liason officer at the Suffolk Police Department.

Sunday, October 23, 2016 – *** ACTION ITEM **** Representatives from Brookhaven Bites will be meeting with Brookhaven Town officials on Tuesday, October 25 (Tuesday of this week) to discuss proposed changes to Brookhaven Town Code, specifically Chapter 23, which deals with Dog Control and Animal Welfare.

These proposals will be brought forth in an upcoming public hearing. The input and ideas of group members regarding what changes can be made to existing code would be *greatly* appreciated. The existing code is here.

Please post your ideas and proposals as comments to this Facebook post on the Brookhaven Bites Facebook Group.

Thursday, September 15, 2016 – Representatives from the Rocky Point Community attended the 7th Precinct Community Meeting on September 15. Suffolk Police stated that Brookhaven Public Safety issued the directive to return the dogs back to their owner after the attack at Hallock Landing Beach. The recent dog attacks, the loose dog issue and procedure surrounding it were discussed directly with Suffolk Police. Details are here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – Brookhaven Bites group members spoke on the issue of loose dogs and dog attacks at the Rocky Point Civic Association Meeting, Tuesday, September 5, 2016 at 7:30 at the Rocky Point VFW Hall. A representative from Sarah Anker’s office was in attendance. News 12 was there to cover the story.

Friday, September 2: FOX 5 New York travelled to Rocky Point to investigate this issue. Their coverage includes an interview with dog attack victim Corey Doherty.

Thursday, September 1: Representatives from Brookhaven Bites addressed the Brookhaven Town Board on the issue of the recent dog bite attacks in Rocky Point at the Brookhaven Town Board Meeting on September 1, 2016.

Friday, August 26: An official response was received from Brookhaven’s Public Information Officer.


As you may have seen in the news recently, there is a problem with loose dogs attacking other dogs and their owners in the Town of Brookhaven, most recently in Rocky Point. After an attack on a woman and her dog on August 4 on at Rocky Point’s Hallock Landing Beach, the dogs were returned to their owner with no fine or penalty and attacked again on August 10, less than a week later, killing two dogs and attacking their pregnant owner in her own back yard, also in Rocky Point.

The owner of the three loose dogs was a defendant on the People’s Court on TV a year ago for the exact same thing! Something clearly needs to change.

This is not a breed-specific problem. This is a problem with irresponsible dog owners and the enforcement, severity, and repercussions (or lack thereof) of existing town and state laws which are supposed to protect local residents and their pets from loose dogs in their neighborhoods and off-leash dog attacks. This is a quality of life issue.


The goal of this website and associated Facebook Group is documenting and addressing the issue of dog bite attacks in Brookhaven Township. The intention of this effort is:

  • To raise public awareness of this issue through membership-based publishing of photographic and video documentation of loose dogs in Brookhaven township, noting location and date for the sake of public safety. If Animal Control or the police were contacted at the time of this sighting, please note this as well. Please publish photos and videos to the Brookhaven Bites Facebook Group.
  • The development of an archive of relevant current and past press pertaining to dog attacks in Brookhaven Township.
  • The development of a petition for positive change to be created and delivered to public officials, based on input and consensus of local residents, especially the victims of these incidents. Please post your suggestions to the Brookhaven Bites Facebook Group. The assistance of any volunteers who are willing to put together a draft petition would be greatly appreciated, as well as any group members with legal expertise.

Please join the Facebook Group if you have suggestions for an online petition to be circulated and sent to local officials, especially if you have personally been a victim of an attack, documented or undocumented. If you have suggestions for this site, please send them via this contact form.

Please sign up for our mailing list on this page’s sidebar to be notified how you can get involved, and for media updates.