A group of concerned community members attended the 7th precinct meeting on September 15. The victims and family members, Rocky Point Civic Association, Brookhaven Bites, and North Shore Beach Property Owners Association were all represented. There were no Brookhaven Town officials in attendance. News 12 sent a cameraperson, but it is unclear if they will air the footage or if it will be used for a future follow-up story.

According to Suffolk Police, it was Brookhaven Public Safety that told Suffolk Police to release the dogs to the owner after the Hallock Beach attack, since Animal Control left the scene to go home and run the dogs’ tags, as there was no cell service at the beach. Police dispatch apparently could not reach anyone at Animal Control after waiting with the dogs for 2 hrs, which is why Brookhaven Public Safety was called. They were the party that issued the directive to Suffolk Police to return the dogs to their owner, according to Suffolk Police.

Names were taken for a follow-up meeting with the Precinct Community Liaison to address this issue further and investigate improved preventative measures and procedure. It was recommended that representatives from Brookhaven Animal Control and local elected officials be in attendance.

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