UPDATE: 1/24/17
Brookhaven Town approves dangerous dog crackdown

FARMINGVILLE – The Brookhaven Town Board on Tuesday unanimously approved new rules cracking down on dangerous dogs that officials say will better protect the public.

The board voted in favor of amendments that would mirror state law, under which judges can determine whether a dog is dangerous and should be confined, as well as increase fines for those who do not properly house their dogs.

It would also change the definition of “dangerous dog” to include one that attacks other pets or service animals.

Colin Goldberg, of Rocky Point, started a website called BrookhavenBites.org after two dog attacks in his community last summer. He says the changes are a good move, although the real issue is enforcement.

Following Tuesday’s vote, town officials say the changes will immediately go into effect.

Source: News 12 Long Island

Public Hearing Scheduled: January 24, 6PM – Brookhaven Town Hall

We were informed by Jane Bonner’s office that there will be a public hearing to address the town’s proposed revisions to Brookhaven Town Code pertaining to Chapter 23: Dog Control and Animal Welfare. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24 at 6PM at Brookhaven Town Hall. The actual public hearing portion starts at 6PM, but there is a town board meeting preceding the hearing which starts at 5. the signups start around 4:30 to speak at either. You are welcome to attend if you have interest in this issue, and/or wish to relate your personal experiences to a public audience – if you would like to speak, I would recommend preparing a statement of about 2 minutes in length. I have relayed the time and date of this meeting to Sarah Anker’s office and to our 7th Precinct community liason officer.

On Friday, August 26, the following official response regarding these incidents was received via email from Jack Krieger, Brookhaven Town Public Information Officer:

“Brookhaven Animal Control officers responded to a call late in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 on Soundview Drive in Rocky Point. Suffolk County Police officers were at the location when Town Animal Control officers arrived. The three dogs involved in this incident were released by police to the owner before Town personnel arrived with an Animal Shelter transportation vehicle. They were subsequently surrendered to the Town of Brookhaven by the owner, along with two other animals. It is not known how many animals this individual owns.

Following this event, Brookhaven Town sought a court order to ensure that the three animals involved in this attack would not be returned to the owner or to anyone else without a court order. The judge agreed. These animals will not be returned to the owner by the Town of Brookhaven.

Brookhaven Town will not allow the owner of these dogs to adopt any animals from the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter. However, there is no mechanism in New York State Law to bar this individual from adopting animals from another location.”

On Thursday, Sept 1, representatives from Brookhaven Bites addressed the Brookhaven Town Board at the Town Board Meeting on the topic of the recent dog bite attacks.

There was no response to these concerns from any Town Board Members, other than Town Supervisor Edward Romaine’s response to one speaker that this issue should be brought to the attention our of Suffolk County legislators, since Suffolk Police were mentioned by one speaker, and that “Suffolk Police do not work for the Town of Brookhaven, they work for Suffolk County.”

Town Board Members did respond to comments raised on other issues raised by community members, such as the removal of trees in a Stony Brook community, for instance. Relevant video from this meeting can be viewed here.

Thursday, September 15, 2016 – Representatives from the Rocky Point Community attended the 7th Precinct Community Meeting on September 15. The recent dog attacks, the loose dog issue and procedure surrounding it were discussed directly with Suffolk Police. Details are here.